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hey every1.. omg i hate my parents!! there so0o mean, mark called me teh other day an my mom pikced up (shes such a easedropper) n shes like "o whos this mike?" n hes like "no its mark from the sk8park" n he said he wanted 2 take me out somwhere n she said i coudnt. she yelled @ me for dating cuz she sayz im n ot aloud 2 date til in 18!!! omg can u believe it?! 18!! how will i survive til then??? i wont!!! she talked 2 my dad n they grounded me!!!!!!!! omg i hate them so0o0o much!!! now i cant get out for a month!! yea i dont believe it tho theyll let me out b4 that.

they said i cant use the phone for 2 weeks n the comp for 1 week but they aint home so i snuck on. im gonna get off inna sec n call manda n tell her wut happened! every1 else can c it on herre.

newayz... uhmm b4 taht happend i did get 2 c mark once hez so cute n nice he opens the door 4 me n shyt lolz.. n he likes alot of teh music i do. im gonna call him after this


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