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hey every1!!!!! wats up?? lol im in teh skool libary now s0o0o im updatin real quick!! umm n0thin new really....... o yea!! omg GC is comin 2 philly n manda got tix!!!!!!!11 omg she sayd if my mom wiLl let me out by then i can go wit her!!!! omg i am SO excited lolz...
newayz i heard my rents talkin bout maybe un-gRoundin me from the comp earli since ive been doin good n not givin em trouble n shyt so thatz great.....i bet they wouldent if they knew i go on here @ skool lol
i haveNt talked 2 mark in 4ever!!!! but i got a plan hehe im gonna tell my parentz i hav a full day next time i get a half day n go meet mark after skool.. omg i miss im SO much i hope he doesent dump me cuz i nevr see him.....i dont tihnk he will cuz hez nicer than taht.

o.k. ttyl
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