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hEy every1.. omg i just realized taht jessy(homo)s bro is john prob gay 2!!1 remember when i sed that b4? omg i bet i wuz rite...... cuz he liek wearz tite pantz n shyt n talks weird n he spendz like an hour to do hiz hair in the morning. he takez like longer than his sister. o well w/e hez dirrty 2 he still shops at all dem thrift stores that liek only poor people buy stuff at...

w.e thank GOD my speakers work now!!!!!!!!1 omg i almost DIED i didnt hav music 2 listen 2 lol..... newayz nothin relly new.... i hung out w/ leah n jason at jasonz block the other nite n mark<3 stopped by but my moms gay n she made me go in at liek 10:30 cuz its a skool nite wtf how gay is that??????/ o well. ight i guess thats it im gonna find out 2morrow what were doin this weekend i havent been 2 the skatepark in like 4ever. we gotta chill..... mike sez hes gonna come out i havent seen him in so0o0o long. o.k well w.e i g2g do my gay ass h.w now...

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