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so0o much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

hEy every1..... i havent up8ed this tihng in lyke 4EVER lol...... ok so heres wats been goin on:

omg i think i twas 10-24 .......

GC CONCERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

omg it was GREAT!!! lol i went w/.. manda, jaCkie n jake. mest n goldfinger were there 2... tehy were great mest played drawing bored!!! omg i LUV that song!! tony is so0o hot hehe n goldfinger was good 2 there lyke jakes fav band..
but GC were the best!!! b4 they played jake sed he heard sum1 say "hey look theres chris from gc!" n we looked but we didnt see nothin.... o well thats ok i dun really kno wat he looks liek but jackie sed she did so0o0 w/e...... we saw jen n jeSs (not the gay 1) there 2 that was kool.

neways besides that nothin happend realy i gotta study 4 tests n stuff n i think im gonna hang out w/ jackie 2day...... l8r
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