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woahh its been 4evr

heyy every1....its been like a year since i updated this thing practicly lol newayz i 4got about mark already hes so gay!!! i lyke this 1 kid now but i cant say who cuz i no1 relly knoz yet cept lyke maNda but other peepz read this n i dun want them 2 kno......
ummmmmmmmm wat else is nEw? lolol omg on new yrz eve me leah jackIe maNda jeff bob n mike (dif mike) went out 2 dinner then to mIkes house (no 1 was home) n got drunk lololol it wuz pretty kewl....i told my rents i wuz sleepin ova JackIez n watchin a movie she got her older sis 2 cover 4 us her sis is awsum!!

OMG i so0o0o0o flunked all my midtermz!!! they were so0o hard.....llyke wayyyy harder then the first time!!1 o well i dun care much lol my mom will kick my a$$ if she finds out tho ill figuer sumthin out.....
neway heres wat i did this weekend:
friday i went up 2 franklin milLz wit mAnda jeff jake lisa n jen it was sooo much fun. i got sum new shoes (DCs) n the mest CD....after that we went back 2 lisas n shyt,...i got wit jake!!1.....then me n jen went 2 mandas n slept over..yesterday we stayed in n watched moviez until around 7 we went 2 mcdolands lol...

duno0o wat im doin 2day jus sittin here wit jen were gonna make sum plans soon... ok well more l8r!
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