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happy vday...

well its vday today... n i jus realized that im not over mark liek at all.... i miss him sooooooo much... y did he have to dump me? he said he wast ready 4 a "SeRiOuS RElAsHiNsHiP" n that he 'dIdNt WaNnA hUrT mE'.... WEL GUESS WAT U DID HURT ME U STUPID SHIT N ILL NEVER 4GIVE U N ILL NEVER EVER GET OVER IT....

leahs out w/ her bf doing god knows wat n jessy prolley out eating some dyke out.... at least SHES got some1...

o well. jackie n jen r comin over 2 cheer me up later were gonna watch mOvIeZ r sumthin like that... im glad theyre tryin 2 cheer me up n stuff, but i dont think theyll ever understnad wat im goin thru.... theyre so HaPpY n stuff all the time i hope they dont ever kno wat kinda PaIn that i feel every day of my life...

i jus dont feel liek i fit in w/ my freindz sumtimes.... i dont think i belonmg anywear really... :'(

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