Laura (benjiorjoel) wrote,

  • Mood:

IM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111

LoLz im back b/c my parents ungroundd me b/c i was bein good! plus i got 100 on my history quiz!!!!!!
hehehehehe this means i get 2 go 2 teh GC concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 im so0o0o0o0o excited
omgomg i get 2 c mark after skool 2 morroow mayb! yyyyyaaayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!
llz skools o.k. i got lunch w/ leah so its kool. mu classes r like easy as fuk! LoLz well im gonna go call mark n c if he can meet me after skool 2 morrow! l8er!

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